27 February 2007


In no 'particular' order:

  1. JT implied I wouldn't kick ass in Jeopardy.
  2. I'm pretty funny sarcastic.
  3. I'm ultra 'mildly' competitive at Monopoly board games.
  4. I like having home cooked meals.
  5. I can could watch sports all day.
  6. I read about a book or two a month.
  7. I can't beat box really well.
  8. My closet The bedroom door must be completely closed before I go to bed.
  9. I've read every Sherlock Holmes Brookmyre story printed.
  10. I think Number 9 is an extension sign of my childhood love of Encyclopedia Brown 'compassionate' side.
  11. I used was taught to breakdance and pop. I can still pop look forward to dancing with JT.
  12. I hate don't like other people's feet pinkie toes. They gross me out.
  13. I've hacked written defenses before.
  14. I'm a really good talented slacker at work but I get more done than most.
  15. Maybe Number 14 means I'm just working with people who aren't efficient.
  16. I still sometimes cry because I miss my dad beautiful.
  17. I yell a lot when I coach basketball watch soccer.
  18. I scribble down my thoughts all the time and yet very few of them make it to my our blog.
  19. I'm a phone music geek.
  20. I don't kinda worry a whole lot about tomorrow. I like today but tomorrow is on my mind.
  21. If I'm stressed pissed, everyone should be stressed because I don't stress out burn out a lot.
  22. I was got pulled over driving to home from work one day, at 100 mph.
  23. I've only gotten my nudged a motorcycle up to 90 mph because I'm too scared to go any faster.
  24. I close my eyes touch my neck when I think and when I'm mad.
  25. I don't close my eyes see very well when I'm thinking about something that made me mad.
  26. I believe if I were 6'4" I would let JT take over the world.
  27. I'm often told that complimented on my voice accent, which has once resulted in me being is commanding, authoritative, confident, and mean.
  28. I'm a terrible singer but I love to sing impersonate an animal of sorts, dying, slowly.
  29. I like pressure.
  30. At times I imagine that it's me against the world. It's really motivating and gives me something to complain about when I'm bored.
  31. I'm trying to lose losing weight.
  32. I don't want to be a fat dad my kid(s) to call me 'obese'.
  33. My brother and I are the same person related, but he's nicer hairier.
  34. I hate when people drive slow in the fast lane where its not necessary.
  35. I have come off as condescending to some people...but what do they know?
  36. I've been told I'm kind of snobby proper.
  37. I'm not snobby, I'm just better (said tongue in cheek) or worse.
  38. I don't believe in predestination or luck miracles.
  39. I believe there is in aliens and Sasquatch extra terrestrial life.
  40. I'm not scared of being alone. I'm more scared of being lonely.
  41. I would have never thought that I would be engaged to my 8th grade sweetheart 20 years later an American.
  42. Number 41 She still amazes me to this day.
  43. I plan on writing a series of books one day. I'll JT will pen it under a pseudonym the good bits.
  44. I don't ever want to be famous. I just want to be able to afford our dreams and a fast cars.
  45. I would love to hang out with Shaquille O'Neal Kevin Bacon and Janine Garrafalo Susan Sarrandon at the same time.
  46. I have no heroes.
  47. Every TV show I've really liked has promptly been canceled within a season or two, also every line of yogurt I like gets cancelled.
  48. My co-workers think they know me but they only know what I let them see. It's great for banking work favors.
  49. I will expect the most from my children but sometimes I'm afraid I will push them too hard.
  50. Girl on girl sex doesn't appeal to me like it doesn't does to most men... Neither does porn or nude magazines.
  51. I look forward to marrying D JT. Immensely.
  52. I wish I could be a high school teacher designer or a lawyer maybe, Batman for a day. I'd also like a day tearing around town in a fire truck with the sirens on.
  53. I have no faith in our court systems modern 'justice' and believe society would be well served to re-introduce the death penalty.
  54. I could write re-hash another list of things random things into a list of random things about me in about 10 minutes.


Blogger morbid misanthrope said...

What about ultraterrestrial life?

Blogger Dan said...

You like pressure?

Blogger BD said...

Morbid - what about it?

Blogger morbid misanthrope said...

Do you suppose both forms of life--extraterrestrial and ultraterrestrial--exist? Or do you subscribe to the prevalent theory that it's one or the other? I happen to be partial to the ultraterrestrial hypothesis myself. Strangely enough, it just makes more sense.

Blogger c&d said...

Do you mean Christopher Brookmyhre? I think you'd be good at Jepordy. It needs a deep mind.


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