25 January 2007

Young Knives / Loughborough Suicide...

I will never go down fighting
I looked down from the Carillon
I looked across to the aviary
How long have they been having fun?
I want to be among them
Sitting pretty drinking Evian
I don’t think that it will be long
I want to do it on the tennis courts
I want to do it where they are playing sport
So they can make sport of this man
Will I find myself traveling?
Will I find myself in therapy?
Or leap and just see where I land
Well it is cold, cold, cold
And I think I'm going to die in here
Considering Loughborough suicide
Which I'm definitely going to do this year
And if you take a look out side
Then the answers to your questions seem quite clear
That you may as well leave
Because there's nothing else to do around here
How long have I been inside?
And I will never go down fighting


Blogger just thinking said...

You're down today ?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is just a horrible piece of writing.


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