06 January 2007

Futures III (Similars Or Familiars)...

RB: What do you call a couple who agrue about the same things every week?
RC: I don't know what do you call a couple who argue about the same thing every week?

So anyway, once you've recovered from a little of the two Ronnies - I remember my Grandparents used to really nip at each other somethings chronic over something, one being food. This was two people you could see walking down the street ay 70, holding hands, joking with each other, playing sport together, dancing together, being the 1940's couple they always were - showing their love.

Food, my grandmother doesn't like to cook - even though she is a grandmother and that pretty much makes her the worlds greatest cook - she used to buy fish on a Tuesday and prepare sometype of fish based meal for Tuesday dinner, it was always very good. My grandfather, wasn't a big eater - even though he was 6'2'' and I can only ever remember him being 'portly' - so when he got this plate of fish (and chips and pea and tartar, for example) he'd complain and complain about the size of portion he got, ...you know I dinna need a'that... and the contest would begin it wasn't entirely a bad thing for me, since I like fish and I used to make it coincidence to be going round on a Tuesday night he used to put a bit extra on my plate. After those meals, my grandfather (and I) would wash up while my grandmother would make a pot of tea, he would give her a kiss and tell her how he enjoyed his dinner; the next Tuesday the same thing would happen.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you Irish?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It'd be the case that great relationships are a thing of the generation past. Divorces, infidelity, common law marriage, etc, etc. We're coming to a point in time where its almost expected to be unfaithful in some way or other to the vows presented. The lack of God and the lack of commitment in today's material society hacks from the greatest of unities, that of husband and wife. It should be the single greatest experience of any two people.

Blogger just thinking said...

I agree. I am so glad that B is old fashioned.


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