01 October 2006


Thinking day to day
I know where I want to be
And it's not empty handed
Or in a senseless scene
Where theres nothing of significance
Just the shadow of dreams
If you are a bit broken
With the chance to put right
Lay down in my arms now
Where we are beyond doubt
And the answers are always the same
As are my thoughts day to day


Blogger what if said...

That is beautiful, what better way to working out problems.

Blogger BD said...

The aim is to avoid problems. To have to fix them is a problem...

Blogger Zya said...

This is beautiful.
It doesn't matter about the problems.
What matters is that you have each other.

Blogger Zya said...

Sometimes, in the midst of the scenes, what fixes it is not fixing it, but just being.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The aim is to avoid problems. To have to fix them is a problem..."

What an outlook on life, I really wish you all the best. With such a head, you can do anything and the way you seem to understand each other there is no reason why you wouldn't manage.

Blogger just thinking said...

Easier said than done.


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