29 September 2006

When Morning Breaks, We Hide Our Eyes And Our Aching, Nothing's Strange...

Reflection In The Water, BD 2006 [REVISION]


Blogger BD said...

It was in our hands from 6 to 10
Then it slipped right out again
There'll be no better time
There'll be no better way
There'll be no better day to save me
I hope you see like I see
I hope you see what I see
I hope you feel like I feel
And the world don't stop
There is no time for cracking up
Believe me
Cause when freedom comes
I'll be long gone
You know it has to end...

Blogger Bonnie B said...

Beautiful picture. Hope all is well-- such a stormy, beautiful picture

Blogger BD said...

Walking on by
And I know, two lives
Driven toward
A new way of life
Angels, see the sign
Don't worry
About leaving me behind
Without the kind
To be shaped by the night


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