22 September 2006

Waiting For Another Day...

I feel lost at home. I fly hours returning to nothing from the perfect something that fills every empty, belonging to no-one, silently thinking of a cataract till I am out of time that I should be fine; hopefully this just passes me by first and I can rest my head (dreaming) for the moment...


Blogger just thinking said...

The drive home is like a waking dream... The numb that will dissolve into pain over the next few days. He flies back home in a few hours, away from me, leaving a void that only his presence fills.

Blogger just thinking said...

4:15pm: Get into my car alone. My heart is so heavy.

6:00pm: Spoke to him briefly, still stuck at the airport. Still feeling a bit hazy.

7:00pm: 3 hours out, focusing on the positive and looking to the future with hope. Still feeling okay.

8:34pm: I haven't seen him for four and 1/2 hours... I'm starting to feel SO Lonely... sigh.


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